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Nestor Sanchez was born in Long Beach, California but moved to North Carolina at a very young age. Raised by a single mother that worked 3 jobs while he was in school, Nestor learned the definition of work ethic and grit.  While in high school, Nestor loved team sports and played basketball throughout grade school. At age 16, he got involved in coaching his brothers YMCA league basketball teams and loved it. He loved teaching people new skills and helping them improve athletically.  Nestor then attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he majored in History and minored in American Studies and worked a part-time job. Nestor had plans to teach school and coach basketball after graduating, but decided not to take that route in his career, and, instead, researched for something else. Nestor applied for an Entry Level Account Manager position with a Sales and Marketing firm and quickly feel in love with the competitive atmosphere and opportunity for growth. As the CEO of Apex Consulting Solutions, he enjoys teaching, building long-term relationships, and developing others.  He see’s himself as the coach of his office, just in a different sport.


Dakota Lowry was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and raised in Charlotte, NC. Most of her childhood revolved around team sports, resulting in her parents engraving the “don’t quit mentality” into her.  After graduating high school in 2008 she immediately enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College where she earned her Associates in Arts. She was then accepted into the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, her plan had been to major in the health field as she had been anticipating for years. After hard work and consideration, she decided it was not for her. She shortly then applied for an open position with Apex Consulting Solutions starting in the entry level Account Manager Position. She now is the Director of Recruiting for Apex and has started her own company as well helping new firms manage their money.

Octavious was born in Albemarle, North Carolina to a single mother in the low-income housing community of Amhurst Gardens. Although he played soccer and ran track, Octavious wasn’t a star athletic. He learned early on that the only way he excel is through academics and became an avid learner. He was awarded a scholarship and attended NC State University where he majored in Mechanical & Computer Engineering.  After acquiring a variety of engineering positions as a CADD designer for civil, architectural and mechanical firms from North Carolina to Maryland, his focus changed to sales. Being his own boss, and creating opportunities for others was very compelling and that is exactly what Apex Consulting Solutions has offered during his tenure. Being a great father, creating a stable family environment without financial worries and buying his mom that dream home will be the epitome of his success.


Ryan Hunsucker was born in Albemarle, North Carolina and has lived in North Carolina for the majority of his life. Ryan played nearly every sport possible while in school, which helped him develop a team first mentality and refined his leadership abilities. Ryan graduated high school in 2005 and enrolled at Appalachian State University, where he received his Bachelor degree in Business and Marketing. In March 2014, after a lengthy career search, Ryan accepted a position with Apex Consulting Solutions Inc. as an Entry-Level Account Manager. Utilizing the Management Training Program, Ryan quickly excelled and within 7 months, found himself promoted to Junior Partner. Ryan has a substantial list of goals but believes that his drive and dedication will help him see them through.


Chelsea is from a town in New Jersey called Elizabeth and is the oldest of seven children. She moved to Charlotte, NC when she was 14 and participated in the marching band and leadership program all 4 years of high school. She has a passion for music and goes to concerts constantly! (More info to be added soon)



Apex Consulting Solutions looks for candidates with great communication and people skills, high energy and work ethic, and a strong leadership ability. For consideration to join the Apex team, apply here.

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